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My life in art began in earnest at the age of eleven in Wellesley, Ontario. Being utterly captivated by a film of an Inuit carver creating an image full of magic and power from a raw lump of stone, I determined then and there to become a carver. A Christmas gift of a small set of high quality carving tools began a passion that has never abated. After leaving O.C.A. in 1969 I traveled and worked around the world for nearly a decade; building houses and fighting forest fires in the Yukon, picking potatoes in England, washing pots in Paris, doing hotel laundry in Switzerland, (where I learned to speak French), building more houses in New Zealand and managing exploration work in northern Australia. My travels included several months in Central America and visits to many Pacific and Indonesian Islands as well as New Guinea.

I had the first exhibition of my sculpture at The National Art Gallery of New Zealand in Wellington.

Upon my return to Canada in 1977 I undertook to complete an apprenticeship with a master woodcarver, which I accomplished in 1981. I began, at that point, to seriously apply my knowledge of the world and my skills to the production of sculptural works. Film set construction and sculpture commissions have provided a sound financial foundation from which to work on the development of my artistic passions.

Invitations to exhibit in Commercial and public galleries began to rapidly increase in the late nineties and two thousands.

In 2003 I was invited to exhibit my work at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence Italy where I was awarded a Gold Medallion in the Sculpture Category.

In 2004 I was invited to exhibit my work at Galerie Wild in Frankfurt, Germany.

I continue to show my work here in Canada and in Europe.

My Other Services:

          Custom Carving

          Sculptures for Feature Films

Gordon Becker Sculptor
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